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Stamps and postcards exhibition June 2015

This year is another break-through for the staff of the National Library & Archives of Vanuatu, who for the first time joined other regional and international Record Managers and Record Keepers globally to celebrate the International Archives Day held on the 9th June. 

In Vanuatu, National Library and Archives staff set up an exhibition team to display old colonial postcards and stamps to show changes in space and time through the beginning of the first stamps design, used and posted during the colonial era.

The exhibits presented were mostly through the courtesy of Mr. Frederic Petit (COFELY VANUATU), a local stamp and postcard collector.   

The team invited different people to join National Library and Archives record keepers for the Official Opening of the exhibition. Our guest speaker of the day was Mr. Frederic Petit.  Other official guests who were present to witness the opening were Mrs. Ileen Boe - Chair Lady of Vanuatu National Cultural Council, Mr. Lazare Asal - Director of Vanuatu Cultural Centre and Mr. Ambong Thompson - member of the Vanuatu National Cultural Council / Head of the Cultural Centre Audio and Film unit. 

Over 31 people were present to witness the official opening. 

The stamps and postcards are valuable treasures that tell stories of the past, such as the arrival of Christianity, Colonial development in the New Hebrides (Vanuatu) and the Custom and Culture of the New Hebrideans (Ni-Vanuatu) 



Letter: This is possibly the first stamped letter


Stamp: Australian New Hebrides New Hebrides (1841)   Company (1897)


Postcard: View showing Vila business centre and British Residency on Iririki Island Port Vila New Hebrides.


Mr. Frederic Petit (stamps & postcards collector)


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