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The collection includes all formats of material, from books and magazines to pictures, manuscripts, government records, newspapers, articles and much, much more! 


The National Library’s main collection contains a very rich and diverse range of materials about Vanuatu.

The collection includes:

  • Printed materials-thousands of books, newspapers, pictures, maps and journals ranging from the earliest accounts of Missionaries in the New Hebrides to contemporary publications
  • Articles-papers of many scholars who have done extensive research on the lives and culture of the people of Vanuatu
  • The Archives collection consists of Vanuatu Government historic documents and private historic documents. 


Our newspaper collections include digitised historic and paper format. Collections can be accessed only in the library.

We collect: Vanuatu Newspapers

  • Vanuatu Daily Post
  • Vanuatu Independent
  • Vila Times
  • Yumi Toktok Stret


The National Library holds a rich and diverse range of library materials on the Pacific region, New Zealand and Australia.
The strength of the Library’s Pacific collection reflects Vanuatu’s strong historic and continuing connections with the region. 


The National Library holds a big collection of papers written by scholars and authors who have done extensive research on Vanuatu.