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Library Gardens

National Library & Archives Garden

At National Library and Archives we have a beautiful garden to welcome visitors. We have different varieties of plants in our garden.


San Francisco

This plant has easily recognizable colours and leaf shape and patterns. Its bright green and yellow colour gives the building a smart look from outside.



Many Cordylines come from Hawaii but there are also species native to South America, New Zealand, parts of Asia, New Guinea, the islands of the Pacific including Vanuatu.  Cordylines come in many colours or combination of colours including many shades of greens, reds, pinks, purples, yellows, oranges, cream and white.  The NLAB Garden has this beautiful bright pink cordyline.


Goldmound Spirea

The NLAB garden has this beautiful yellow plant. It is bushy compact plant that flowers June and July. Outstanding small colourful foliage plant for accent or contrast. Golden leaf colour fades to yellow-green in the heat of the summer and develops a nice orange-red fall colour.

Our flower garden silently speaks words of welcome and inspiration to all NLAB visitors. You are all welcome to take a visit to the NLAB flower garden.