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Mission Statements

 The Vanuatu National Library and Archive  Joint Goals and Objectives, National Library Mission Statement and National Archives Mission Statement

National Library and Archives of Vanuatu

Joint Goals & Objectives 2014 Are To:

  • establish a Building Management Committee to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the NLA Building;

  • ensure provision of and accountability for a recurrent annual budget to cover NLA staff salaries, efficient operation of services and general maintenance of the NLA building;

  • maintain and develop the current National Library and National Archives services;

  • ensure ongoing and adequate human resources and professional training for the sustainable administration and development of the National Archives and National Library;

  • continue to develop Government and public awareness of the importance of efficient record keeping and records management for good governance and accountability;

  • collaborate with the Vanuatu Memory of the World Committee to establish a National Documentary Heritage register;

  • draft and trial a digitization policy;

  • draft and trial a set of procedures for Disaster Management.

National Library Mission Statement:

The mission of the National Library of Vanuatu is to:

  • collect and preserve in a special Vanuatu Collection and in Bislama, French, English and the vernacular languages all literature pertaining to and published about Vanuatu: such literature to cover all aspects of Vanuatu’s customs and culture; its social, economic, political and religious life; the land and natural environment; its people, communities, institutions and history.  The Library will also house Pacific, General and other Collections.

  • encourage and develop public interest in its Collections, including a sense of national pride in and respect for the Collections, which are being preserved, maintained and developed on the nation’s behalf
  • provide, maintain and enhance public access to the Collections, for the purpose of reference, research and general enjoyment of our national literary heritage.

  • act as a specialized information service and educational tool in assisting students of all ages to access and use reference and other resources for their general and educational benefit


National Archives Mission Statement:

The mission of the National Archives of Vanuatu, in the service of the people of Vanuatu and in accordance with the terms of the National Archives Act (Cap. 216) is to:

  • collect, safeguard and preserve for posterity the historic, cultural and other public records of the nation;

  • organize and preserve these records in accordance with professional archival policies and procedures;
  • provide, maintain and enhance Government and general public access to the Archives for the purpose of reference, research and general information, while respecting cultural practices concerning access of information;

  • collaborate with other National Archives, libraries, museums and other appropriate bodies in the promotion of the nation’s heritage;

  • provide reference services to Government bodies, other organizations and individuals, as required.